Conducting and managing agricultural fairs within the County of Wabasha, Minnesota.

Mission statement

To provide for the exhibition of agricultural, stock breeding, horticultural, mechanical, industrial and other products, including exhibits of the arts and sciences and other public expositions pertinent to art, science, industry and skill, for the purpose of creating and promoting better understanding and sympathy between all the people, with special emphasis on youth, in Wabasha County and its surrounding area and to further the general welfare and health of the citizens of this state.

Board of Directors 

  • President: Barb Petit, Plainview
  • Vice President: Paul Luhmann, Lake City
  • Treasurer: Vince Sexton, Millville
  • Assistant Treasurer: Rob Sexton, Rochester
  • Secretary: Marcella Kahn, Plainview
  • Sandy Gerken, Lake City
  • Paul Kruger, Wabasha
  • Sue Lamprecht, Plainview
  • Paul Wingert, Plainview
  • Ronda Stelling, Millville
  • Jake Siewert, Lake City
  • Dennis Spano, Wabasha
  • Virginia Westlie, Zumbro Falls

Youth Representatives

  • 4-H --- William Goihl, Mara Goihl,
  • Lake City FFA --- Sam Stelling, Rachel Fick